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Your Driving Force to Consistent



There is a high level of importance put on working with partners who mirror the high standards we set at our hotel properties. To make sure this happens, we implement a nomination process by our hotel managers that allows the staff to vote on the most trusted options in the area.

After all of the nominations have been established in that particular chapter, we decide which businesses we will move forward with. Depending on the size of the chapter, we typically limit to between two and five partners at any given time.

Chapters are geographically divided based on the number of hotels in a given area. Studies have shown that guests usually like to dine within 3 miles of their hotel. This process allows are marketing programs to be practical and efficient.


There are many mitigating factors on how successful our campaigns are. One factor is clear, this is a low risk/high reward investment. Through tracking, 4-10 percent of the 15,000 guest passes distributed through the year*, are redeemed.

Price point and profit margin of your business is an integral part of the equation. For restaurants and bars this is generally figured on the average check for a two top.


The model below proves the low risk/high reward nature. This does not account for the extra sales you would also gain from hotel employees that will frequent your establishment more often with their VIP Club Card.

*number can vary based on size of chapter


Restaurants and hotels have many things in common. Long hours for the managers, working hard to please customers, and high turnover for employees. Our street team allows the programs in place to thrive by making frequent contact directly with our hotel managers and members.

This allows collateral to be distributed evenly between hotels throughout the year and maintain updated records of hotel managers & front desk workers. This is the most important part to have consistent success thorough a conciergeʼs program.

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